Lecture: “The Transcriptome: a biological perspective”, Public Health Genomics: PHS 5705, University of Virginia, Spring 2017

Lectures: “Transcription Factors”, Chromatin Course: BIOC 8012, University of Virginia, Spring 2016, 2018

Lecture, “Dissecting Transcription Regulatory Networks using Molecular Genomics”, Bioengineering Course: BME 4806/7806, University of Virginia, Fall 2015/2017.

Dr. Guertin has previously taught an applied bioinformatics class for molecular biologists as part of an ongoing collaboration with the Sistonen lab. The class focuses on the basics of ChIP-seq and RNA-seq analysis. We take raw sequence files and by the end of the week the students can call ChIP-seq peaks and find differentially expressed genes from RNA-seq data: Course Handout