2019 (Fall, Spring)

Director CMB training grant data club: Every month current and past appointees to the CMB training grant meet and two trainees present their latest research. Students meet with a faculty advisor outside their field to prepare the presentations, with an emphasis on communicating their research to scientists from diverse academic backgrounds. My role as the director of the data clubs is to facilitate discussion amongst the students and provide thoughtful and critical feedback to the presenters. 

Course Director BIOC 8150 (Fall)

Every week all BIMS BMG students meet to listen to either two seminars from other students or a single research seminar. All students are required to present their research once a year. Students are encouraged to engage with the speaker through questions and all students provide feedback for the presenting students. These seminars also expose trainees to a diversity of scientific topics and presentation styles.  

Instructor Cell 8450 (Fall)

The  scientific writing for grants and fellowships class facilitates discussion and provides feedback for students who develop an F30/F31 style research proposal. The 10 week course is designed to train students on how to develop a competitive research proposal. The students are able to submit polished proposals to the NIH or a relevant funding agency at the conclusion of the class.